Beading Book Author Links

Suzanne Cooper - Victorian and Variations, Far Away Places, Have Beads Will Travel, Adorn Thyself, Second Looks, Then and Again, Uniquely Yours, Dancing Light, Dimensions

Charlene Hughes - Beading with Beady Boop Volume 1, 2, 3

Barbara Elbe - Beaded Images I & II, Back to Beadin, Amulet Obsession, Forever in Beads

Elizabeth Ann Scarborough - Beadtime Stories

Jennie Might - Beaded Baltimore, Beaded Needlecases, Beaded Favors, The Long and Short of It, Fourth Time's the Charm

Barbara Carrol - Beaders of the World Unite, Volume I, II, III

Margie Deeb - Out on a Loom, Beading Her Image, The Beaders Guide to Color, The Beader's Color Palette

Rita Sova - This and That, Angel Designs, Butterfly and Fairy Designs

Brenda Whitehead - Heirloom Peyote, Captivating Peyote, Fantasy Beadwork, Medieval Beadwork, Peyote Stitch 101

Vicki Star - Beading with Herringbone Stitch, Beading with Peyote Stitch (with Jeanette Cook)

Valerie Hixson - Just Because, Bloomin Beads, Wild Things, Doggone Beads

Don Pierce - Beading on a Loom, Designs for Beading on a Loom

Laura Jansen - The Beadecked Ornament Volume 1, 2, 3, 4

Jeanette Shanigan - Beaded Adornment

Ann Benson - Beadwork Basics, Beadpoint, Classic Beadweaving, The New Beadweaving, Beaded Crochet Designs, Two Hour Beaded Projects, Beading for the First Time

Diane Fitzgerald - Zulu Inspired Beadwork, The Beaded Garden, Beading with Brick Stitch, Netted Beadwork, Shaped Beadwork

Sharon Bateman - Findings and Finishings, The Morning Rose, Over the Edge, Peepers and Creepers

Theresa Flores Geary - Native American Beadwork, Creative Native American Beadwork, The Bead Bible

Carol Wilcox Wells - The Art and Elegance of Beadweaving, Creative Beadweaving

Valerie Hector - The Art of Beadwork

Sig Wynne Evans - The Magical Amulet Bag 1 and 2, Masterpieces for Beadwork, Three Dimensional Beadwork, An Earful of Designs, Earring Designs by Sig

Karen de Sousa - Accent On Ornament Books

Madeleine Rollason - Beginners Guide to Beadwork, Beginners Guide to Bead Netting

Jamie Cloud Eakin - Beading with Cabochons

Sherry Serafini and Heidi Kummli - The Art of Bead Embroidery

Sadie Starr - Beading with Seed Beads, Gemstones and Cabochons Vol 1-6

BeadGang - Beaded Obsessions, Another Beaded Obsessions, Beaded Obsessions III, Beaded Elegance, Beaded Elegance Too

Amy Loh-Kupser - Patterns for The Beadfuddled Beader 1-4, Bead all you can Bead 1-3, Thimble Catchers 1-3

Yvonne Rivero - The Beaded Bracelet 1-4, The Beaded Ornament, Simply Beautiful

Laura McCabe - Creating Crystal Jewelry

Lynda Musante - Exquisite Beaded Jewelry

Marcia Katz - Adorned Wrists, The Trumpet Flower

Varvara Konstantinov - Coral Technique, My Beaded Garden, Netting All the Way

Maria Rypan - Assorted Beadwork 1 and 2, Netted Mesh Collars, Netted Jagged Mesh, Beadwork Ukrainian Style

Sandra D Halpenny - Crystal Lace Necklace Patterns

Gillian Lamb - Beadwork Treasures

Julia S Pretl - Bead Knitted Bags, Little Bead Boxes, Beaded Collars

Paula Adams (click here for old site) - Visions 1: Beaded Cabochons, Visions 2: Netted Lace Amulet Bags, Cascade Necklace

Bette Kelley - Adventures with Broadcollars

Sheila Cleary - Beading from Beginner to Beyond, Beading and Beyond

Stephanie Burnham - 100 Beaded Jewellery Designs, The Encyclopedia of Beading Techniques, Start Beading, Twenty to Make Necklaces, Twenty to Make Charms

Barbara Grainger - Dimensional Flowers, Leaves and Vines; Peyote at Last, Peyote Design Techniques

Carol Huber Cypher - Mastering Beadwork, Handfelted Jewelry and Beads

Beth Stone - Seed Bead Stitching

Marcia DeCoster - Beaded Opulence

Rachel Nelson-Smith - Seed Bead Fusion

Judy Walker - The Beaded Sphere

Jean Campbell - Beading Works of Art: Impressionism, Art Nouveau, Beaded Weddings, Getting Started Stringing Beads, The Beadworkers Companion, Beaded Cords Chains Straps and Fringe, Beaded Gifts, Bead it with Beadwork, Steampunk Style Jewelry