Free Beading Tutorials

About Beadwork - this is a fantastic site for learning all the stitches and has some lovely patterns too - lots and lots of wonderful patterns for sale and some free ones as well

Ruby's Beadwork - one of my favourite sites for free tutorials and inspiration!

Sandra D. Halpenny - some of the most beautiful lacey necklaces and some free tutorials

Robyn's Bead Page - lots of great free tutorials for necklaces and bracelets

Enchanted Beads - lots of free necklace and bracelet tutorials

Bead on the Beach - some free patterns

Auntie's Beads - has free patterns and free online video tutorials

Around The Beading Table - free patterns for some bracelets and a necklace

Alexis - lots of free patterns for necklaces, bracelets and beaded beads

Diane Fitzgerald - many of her articles from magazines are here

Beadwrangler - beading and crochet lessons; also see their samplers for instructions for many stitches

Eagle Spirit UK - tutorials for african net, daisy chain, chevron chain, karmen necklace and victorian lace

Guide to Beadwork - a complete online beading book

Suzanne Cooper - instructions on peyote stitch as well as the right angle weave spiral rope

About Jewelry Making - index of beading projects

Maria's Virtual Home - lots of free patterns including the karmen necklace, drops necklace and hearts necklace

Beadnik - free tutorials for netted ornament, netted cabochon, pentacle earrings and tubular right angle weave

Checkerbeads - lots of free patterns including crystal waves

Frogstone Beads - free tutorials including twisted herringbone and fern stitch

Vicki Star - some free patterns

The Glass Butterfly Etc - free patterns for flowers and gold and silver chain; see also tutorials for a beaded toggle and cabochon

Silver Wolf Creations - tutorial for a beaded slave bracelets and other patterns

Ciara's Beading Page - a few projects including a simple netted necklace

Art and Craft Webzine - lots of free patterns including netted marble earrings

Beadin' Around The Bush - Victorian beaded Christmas tree ornament

Beltana's Beads - tutorials on tubular peyote, spiral rope chain, tubular net, loomwork and brick stitch

Aunt Molly's Bead Street - tutorials on peyote stitch earrings and more plus a patterns page

Janie's Beads - tutorials for beaded beads and a bracelet

Jelly Beads - some netted bracelets and necklace

Beadweaver Dreams - double spiral rope tutorial

Whimbeads - includes tutorials for freeform peyote, netting, bugle bead choker, herringbone

Beads East - primers on many beadwork stitches

No Easy Beads - tutorials on chevron chain, herringbone stitch and more

Kimberly Chapman's Beading - tutorials on brick stitch and more

Bead Dancing - some patterns for right angle weave, earrings and christmas tree earrings

Coreopsis - instructions for beaded amulet purse

Vilihelmi the Wildbead - free patterns for several necklaces and bracelets

Perlenhobby - German site, click on anleitungen to get to some free patterns

Midnight Kat Productions - Kat's right angle weave choker instructions

Shala's Beadwork - free instructions for four chokers and many patterns

Beadwork @ Bellaonline - lots of free patterns and other information

Jewelry Making @ Bellaonline - lots of free patterns and other information

New Kingdom Beadwork - several free tutorials for bags and patterns

Tugabead - barefoot sandal tutorial

Beads By Mail - project ideas and tutorials for bracelets

Stringabead - pattern for necklace 'Gabriella'

Beads of Soraya - loops and points necklace tutorial

Donna's Dreams - tutorials for necklaces

Beads Gallery Sweetpeas - tutorial for 'plaited herringbone' and other patterns

Poppy Field Bead Company - beaded ring instructions

Marcie's Manor- Beading - lots of free peyote and loom patterns and some tutorials for bracelets

CoWoMa Co-op Productions - itty beaded bead tutorial

Red's Cabochon Shop - cabochon tutorial

Charlene's Beads - lots of free patterns for peyote, loom, brick stitch

Moonchild - includes free patterns plus links to heaps of other sites

Arleen Hardin - free tutorials and patterns for brick stitch and peyote

Ava's Beading Galore - free peyote patterns

Black Giraffe - free peyote and square stitch patterns

Bridey's Beads - free loom patterns and victorian style earrings, check the vintage patterns for scans of books from 1920's

Rings & Things - free jewelry projects

Beading Banshee - free patterns for earrings, linked chain and dutch spiral variation

Ileea's Beadwork - free peyote patterns and tutorial for brick stitch triangle bag

Marylyn's Beadworks - diamond chain tutorial here

Moonstone's Beaded Phases - free peyote patterns

Ginger's Ornament - christmas ornament instructions

Nahani's Den - free brick stitch and peyote patterns

Dona's Bead Artistry - fast peyote tutorial

Beadi's Bead Pattern World - free patterns and cab-a-like tutorial

AB Art Glass & Beadwork - how to create a beaded bezel cabochon

Vibrant Jewels - how to bead a cabochon, round and square

All Info About Jewelry Making - many free patterns

A Star Child's Page - has free peyote patterns

Wolf-Pack Beads - free patterns and spiral variation tutorial

W.F.O's School of Beading - bracelet and earring tutorials

Morticia's Magical Bead Tour - freeform right angle weave tutorial

Swirlview Designs - free loom patterns

Janet's Beadwork - free peyote and brick stitch patterns for earrings and amulets

Beaded Images - some free patterns

Kyal's page - free peyote patterns

Kim Rostberg - free peyote amulet bag patterns plus mini christmas ornament tutorial

Alesha's Unleashed Beads - free peyote patterns

Beadtime Stories - free pattern

i-bead - free amulet bag patterns

Shayla Myst - lots of free patterns

The Camel Lot - has biva (Nepal) chain tutorial

Need for Beads - free tutorials for cellini spiral, russian spiral, apache leaf, russian snake and double x stitch

Dutch Spiral - instructions

Serenity by Design - tutorials for fringed spiral and netted amulet bag, plus a patterns page

Jewelry by Varvara - free patterns for netted necklaces, also for peyote and loom

Samandsha - two by two bracelet tutorial

Shanigan's Bead Shenanigans - free patterns for necklace, bracelet and more

Silver Mist Gardens - raised peyote tutorials

Moonglow Beads - dutch spiral earring tutorial

Olaf Beadwork - free patterns for necklaces, ornament and doily

Nancy Torrey Hesse - free peyote patterns

Leah Kramer - free pattern making software

Beaded Legends - free patterns every month plus brick stitch heart earrings

Bead Jewelry Making - lots of free patterns and instructions for stitches

Fire Mountain Gems - free beading projects and how-to's

Beadage - learn how to make beaded jewelry

Bead Stringing Projects by Patrice - learn how to do bead stringing

Beaded Magick - free patterns for brick and peyote stitch

Beading Fun - free patterns for earrings, pendant and brooch

Blue Bear Beads - free peyote patterns

Polar Beads - free patterns and instructions

Red Earth Gifts - some free patterns

Native Tech - Native American beading techniques

Kathi Lawson - free amulet purse patterns

ee-beads - jewelry making ideas and instructions

CJ's Free Beading Patterns - lots of free peyote and brick stitch patterns

Bead Infinitum - free beaded bead and bracelet patterns

Creations by Celtess - free patterns for pen covers and chapstick covers

The Bead Shak - some free patterns for beaded banner pins

Beading Bees - free tutorials for rings and bracelets

Beading with Eden - free patterns for bracelets, necklaces, earrings, ornaments

DebKat's Bead Gallery - free pattern for lipstick cover

The Princess Castle - free patterns

Beaded Flowers - free patterns for wire flowers

Dream Lizard Designs - free peyote patterns

Beadwork by Heather Hall - free peyote patterns

Merbeader - free patterns

Laughingbird Beads - free pattern

JazzyBeads - free loom patterns

Beaded Phoenix - free pattern for amulet bag

Pat's Patterns - free patterns for earrings and more

Sonja's Beading Galore Gallery - free patterns in peyote stitch and loom

Beady Eyed Adele's Page - some free patterns

Fleur-de-Leigh Designs - some free patterns

Beadesigns by Debra - freebies

Crystal Flair - free beading tutorials

Ayesoar Creations - free brick stitch earrings patterns

Mazeltov Jewelry Treasures - lots of tutorials

Artistic Visions by Liz - free patterns and tutorials for many stitches

Bead Patterns by Betty - free patterns

Bead Intrigue - couple of free patterns

Bead Coop - search for free patterns

Faceted Bead Art - free instructions for right angle weave and others

Blue Rain Designs - free patterns including earrings and ring

Suzanne Siegel Beadwork - free patterns for amulet bags

Beadwright - free loom patterns and tutorials

Sadie Starr - free patterns for split-weave necklaces

Sarah's Beading Obsession - free patterns for amulets and bracelets

Silverhill Design - animated tutorial for peyote stitch and brick stitch, tutorial for spiral rope and branched fringe

Beady Boop - animated peyote tutorial

Thread-a-bead - free beading patterns

Beadaroo - right angle weave tutorial and more

Joanne Ely - free patterns

Beadalon how-to's for necklaces, bracelets and earrings, as well as online videos

Beads, Baubles and Jewels - project instructions from the tv show

How-to Tv Online - free beading online videos

Holles Perlenarbeiten - free bead crochet and lighter case patterns

Bob's Beading Tutorial Page - techniques for beading

Beading Life - how to bead

Healing Beadwork - Winnebago necklace pattern

Easy Bead Patterns - free beading software

DB-Bead - free software to design bead crochet ropes

Unique Beaded Jewelry - instructions for many stitches

All about jewellery making - beadweaving, jewellery making and wirework tutorials

Beadwork Designs - free pattern for bracelet and earrings

Visions by Paula - free instructions for stitches and free patterns for ornament and cabochon brooch

Renaissance Beads - curvy herringbone bracelet tutorial

Aon Celtic Art - free bracelet pattern

Soft Flex Company - free patterns for necklaces, bracelets, earrings and crafts

Beading Daily - free projects for stringing, beadwork and wirework

Bead it Babe! - free tutorials for bead stringing, beadweaving, wirework and macrame

3D-Beading - free tutorials