Free Chain Maille Tutorials

M.A.I.L - Maille Artisans International League - hundreds of articles to choose from

Spiderchain - weave samples page

C G Maille - many tutorials

Art of Chainmail - chainmail patterns

Chainmail Basket - articles, tutorials and weaves

ChainWeavers - eight free tutorials

The Ring Lord - introduction to chainmailling

Maile of the Dreamseeker - some designs including earrings and pendants

Zlosk - some instructions

Venom's Pit - various charts

Bladeturner Armoury - chainmail patterns and weaves

Fire Drake Chain Maille - speed weave tutorials

Davidchain Jewelry - byzantine tutorial

Long Canyon - info about jump rings and sizes

Unreal-Hunter - chainmaille tutorial

Call of the Wire - three tutorials

Bijoux de Terre - under 'for our students' there are many tutorials